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? change down vt sep bedclothes → zurück- or aufschlagen; collar, brim → herunterklappen; corner of website page → umknicken

vt sep she turned in her toes as she walked → sie lief nach innen, sie lief über den großen Onkel (inf); to turn during the ends of some thing → die Enden von etw umschlagen

210 which involves filing the Evidence of Assistance within just 60 days following serving the complaint. Due to conflict involving the Code of Civil Process and the Rules of Court, most effective apply is usually to make use of the shorter time limit]

transform - a brief theatrical efficiency that is an element of an extended system; "he did his act thrice each and every evening"; "she had a catchy little program"; "it had been probably the greatest figures he at any time did"

= grow to be → werden; to show traitor → zum Verräter werden; Paul Crooks, an actor turned director, … → der Regisseur Paul Crooks, ein ehemaliger Schauspieler, …; he began to transform uncomfortable → er wurde unangenehm or ungemütlich; to turn terrible/violent → unangenehm/gewalttätig werden; to turn pink (leaves and so on) → sich rot färben; (human being: = blush) → rot werden; (targeted traffic lights) → auf Rot umspringen; it's got not too long ago turned cold → es ist vor Kurzem kalt geworden; he has just turned eighteen → er ist gerade 18 geworden; it's turned 2 o’clock → es ist 2 Uhr vorbei

convey about - lead to to maneuver into the opposite way; "they introduced with regards to the boat whenever they saw a storm approaching"

convert - go bitter or spoil; "The milk has soured"; "The wine worked"; "The cream has turned--we must throw it out"

change - form by rotating on a lathe or slicing gadget or maybe a wheel; "turn the legs in the desk"; "transform the clay around the wheel"

turn - to interrupt and turn in excess of earth especially with a plow; "Farmer Jones plowed his east area past week"; "convert the earth inside the Spring"

turn on, turn on - lead to to work by flipping a switch; "turn on the light"; "activate the stereo"

This is a record of yank law enforcement officers killed in the line of obligation. Summaries of the general casualty figures, by yr, will also be furnished.

vi +prep obj corner → biegen um vi = change about VI; the wheel turns all over on its axis → das Rad dreht sich um seine Achse ? transform aside vi → sich abwenden (from von) vt sep → abwenden ? convert absent vi → sich abwenden vt sep (= move) head, eyes, gun → abwenden

to show the clock back we car accident attorney Buena Park CA will not turn the clock back → no podemos dar marcha atrás or volver al pasado

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